In this ongoing, self directed series I'm exploring the different mental ailments that afflict me. I have struggled with my mental health and find that drawing on these problems is therapeutic and aids others in understanding while taking away the stigma of mental illness.


I plan to finish a few more pieces to go in this series. Each piece will have a movement associated with it to describe the affliction.


To the left is Rising Panic. For me a panic attack isn't sudden, it rises and swells until I can no longer fight it off. The movement simulates a pulse to describe the vibrating feeling I get when I feel a panic starting.


To the right is Creeping Normality. Creeping normality, sometimes referred to as Lingchi (凌迟; 凌遲) or death by a thousand cuts,  is a term used to describe the notion that a person can become accustom to any situation as long as the steps towards the reality are gradual enough. I have dealt with troublesome situations in my life that if they had happened overnight it would have been shocking, but because they took place over months of years seemed perfectly normal.

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